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Inlet top image


  • Metallic instant lettering with only 50 μm theckness
  • Premium logo design created by real metal.
  • Fine line which cannot be realized by printing
  • Smooth and soft appearance without edges on outline of logo
  • Various finish
  • Pressure sensitive glue and hotmelt glue are available
  • Used nickel and surface chrome plating are exempt from RoHS

Manufacturing process

Inlet manufacturing process

Platings and Finishings

Silver plating
■ Glossy silver (SnCo) plating
Standard silver plating mainly used for logo on digital home appliance.
The gilding
Gold plating
Flash 24K gold plating
Gold plating is used as surface plating for watch face, nameplates of eyewear and guitar.

Black piromekki
Glossy black (SnNi) plating
Black tone plating used as surface plating for logo plate on LCD-TV.

Inlet surface finish


Hairline type
Hairline type
Dignified metallic luster can be realized.  Both vertical and horizontal lines are available.

I diamond-cut it and type it
Diamond cut type
Sharp metallic luster can be realized by fine and arranged diamond cut.  For cutting direction, vertical, horizontal and skew are available.

Example of use

Nameplate for the LCD television
Electronic key ornament for the car
Clock clockface
Acoustic equipment nameplate
Industrial apparatus nameplate
Electronic equipment nameplate
Metal logo sticker
Guitar brand mark
Glasses brand mark
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