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The Personal Information Protection Law

About the Personal Information Protection Law

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It deals with information (called "personal information" as follows) that can distinguish an individual appropriately and thinks that I protect it to be our important duty and establishes the following privacy policies and carries this out and maintains the oudensha Inc. (called us as follows).
  1. When I acquire personal information, and we hold it and use it, I may not spoil the benefit of visitor.
  2. We use personal information for the observance of a contract of the contract with the visitor, the development of the better product and service and an offer, an offer of the useful information to a visitor. When I have you offer personal information for the purpose of others, I tell you about a use purpose each time.
  3. I act as us for damage, loss, loss, manipulation, a leak of the personal information, prevention of the purpose outside use and correction by taking necessary and appropriate security measures.
  4. We disclose personal information to a third party, and we do not provide it unless we contribute it to our subsidiary and affiliates when it is permitted by laws and ordinances when I get the consent of the visitor.
  5. We observe laws and ordinances or other models to be related to the handling of the personal information and review the content of this policy continuously and act for improvement, improvement.
Oudensha Inc.      
President Masaki Kato

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When I place information in this website, the oudensha Inc. drops from every aspect with extreme caution. However, accuracy, usefulness, certainty, safety (a homepage and a server not having computer virus or other harmful things) about contents of (is called "contents" collectively as follows.) such as information provided as for the oudensha Inc. on this website other; any; do not guarantee it. Even if some kind of damage occurred by the use such as contents by any chance, the oudensha Inc. does not take responsibility at all.
The oudensha Inc. stops the administration of this website without a notice or may cancel it. In addition, please understand it beforehand as the oudensha Inc. changes the matter listed on this website without a notice or you may cancel it.
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