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Electroformed badge/nameplate


  • Every finishing such as sandblast, hairline, gloss can express the precision of genuine metal surface which plated plastic can never get.  In comparison with other production methods, electroforming can realize the outstanding sharpness of edge lines.
  • Decoration(Diamond cut, Hairline, Satin, Hologram etc.) can be made both on convex surface and concave surface.  It enhances the design flexibility.
  • Electroforming nameplates are made by Nickel which has high adhesiveness of plating while plating on plastic requires very special treatment for background.  As the plating on Nickel has high adhesiveness and it is stable, there is no risk of plating peeling off.  For plating, Chrome, Gold, Rhodium, Rhutenium etc. are available.  Please contact us for special plating.
  • Nickel and surface chrome plating are exempt from RoHS.
  • There is no difference between prototype and production part since the electroforming is replica technology.  For this reason, variation in appearance among the products is quite tiny.  It is very fitted for the design which requires the metal texture and precision.

Manufacturing process of the electroforming plate

Electroforming name process

Variety in processing

Master mold processing


Sophisticated texture is the feature of our metallic luster.  Below photos show the combination of glossy raised letter and painted recessed area, the combination of hairlined background of glossy recessed area.  A variety of surface finishings are available.

01 to mirror-finish
02 to mirror-finish
03 to mirror-finish

Matt processing by the Satin plating

Satin plating makes the surface semi-gloss similar to silk fabric.  This processing is performed on whole surface of the product.  The raised area of below photos is satin plated and the recessed area is painted on the satin plated background.

Mat processing 1
Mat processing 2
Mat processing 3


Sandblasting is performed on a part of product surface.  Sandblast can combine with other texture like gloss.  As shown in photos, the combination between different textures can realize the distinctive design by contrast of metal surfaces.

Pear place processing 1
Pear place processing 2
Pear place processing 3

 Diamond cut

Sharp metallic luster can be realized by fine and arranged diamond cutting.  Variability in quality by pitch fluctuation and misalignment never occurs since products are replicated from the processed master mold.  Diamond cut can be processed on raised and recessed logo area and background.  General pitch is 0.1~0.2mm.  For cutting direction, vertical, holizontal, skew and concentric circle are available.

1 to diamond-cut
2 to diamond-cut
3 to diamond-cut


Dignified metallic luster can be realized by hairline.  Indivisual difference by pitch fluctuation and misalignment never occurs since products are replicated from the processed master mold.  Hairline can be processed on raised and recessed logo area and background.  Roughness of hairline is flexible.  For hairline direction, vertical, holizontal, skew and concentric circle are available.

Hairline 1
Hairline 2
Hairline 3



Oudensha is the very first manufacturer who mass-produce the nameplate using hologram.  As you can see in below photos, nameplates with very unique design which contribute the image enhancement of customers' products.  Variability in quality can be minimized since the products are replicated from  processed master mold.   Hologram can be processed on raised and recessed logo area and background.  It can be processed on R face or centroclinal face as well. 

Hologram 1
Hologram 2
Hologram 3

Potting (Epoxy resin) 

Potting on electroforming nameplates enhances a premium-feel.  There are hard and soft resin.  Potting is used for the prevention of scratch on nameplate as well.

Hologram 1
Potting 2
Potting 3

■  Crimp, Gingham, Knurled 

Leather pattern, crimp, gingham, knurled etc are available for background.  The combination of these patterns and metallic logo makes the nameplate distinguishing.  As the unitque technology of electroforming, replicated surface of natural materials such as Japanese paper, wood, leather by electroforming can be adopted to master mold.

Grain finish 1
Grain finish 2
Grain finish 3


Chromic plating
Chrome plating
Durable, blueish, standard plating

Chrome plating is used as surface plating for nameplates or decorative parts of mobile phones, digital home appliances, interior parts of automotive etc.

Rhodium plating
Rhodium plating
Durable, soft textured, luxurious plating for jewelry

Rhodium plating is used as surface plating for nameplates of high grade digital home appliances.

The gilding
Gold plating
Flash 24K gold plating
Gold plating is used as surface plating for watch face and nameplates of eyewear.

Hamilton gold plating
Hamilton gold plating
Noble metal plating of 14 carat Hamilton gold tone.
Hamilton gold plating is more glossy than standard gold plating and has stable tone.  Hardness is higher than 24K plating as well.  It is used for high grade audio-visual equipments.
Black ruthenium plating
Decorative plating, creating a premium feel by black tone.

Black ruthenium plating is used for logo of high grade products for differentiation.


Nameplate for the cell-phone
Accessory for the cell-phone
Lens cover for the cell-phone
Car emblem
Electronic key ornament for the car
Digital camera nameplate
Digital camera lens cover
Acoustic equipment nameplate
Industrial apparatus nameplate
Electronic equipment nameplate
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