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Product information

Oudensha contributes to society by providing the products based on prominent electroforming technology to customers by development of new technology and new products which lead the next generation.

About electroforming

Figure of electroforming image
1. Fidelity of Master Mold
     Extremely precise duplication in detail can be realized by electroforming technology.
2. Variety of Surface design
     Letters or textures with glossy, matt, diacut, hologram etc., and design combinations are available.
3. Lighter-weight than it looks
     Precise and light metallic namaplates can be produced since the backside of stereoscopic figure is hollow.
4. High Plating Adhesion
     No worry about the plate peeling off problem because of the high adhesion by plating method that the surface plate such as Chrome or Gold is directly plated on the Nickel surface.
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1.Nameplate by the electrocasting
3.Production sale of the special precision instrument
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