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We keep forging ahead with high-quality manufacturing to satisfy world-wide customers.

OUDENSHA has been meeting customers' expectations as a manufacturer of comprehensive range of electroforming technology since its establishment and we have gained widespread support from customers in various field such as electric, precision and automobile.

Isao Wada, founder, launched the nameplates by electroforming more than 60 years ago.

Since then OUDENSHA has developed not only nameplates but also many new products such as net blades of electric shavers, drums of electric printer, encoders and anti-counterfeit hologram through the use of electroforming technology.

Also, we have aquired ISO 9001 / 14001 certificates to enhance our mission 'Providing high quality products through continuous innovation'.
We are all going to keep working hard to serve our customers.

Satoru Sakai
Oudensha Co., Ltd.

Mission Statement

  1. Contributing to society with electroforming technology

  2. Being a friendly and unified organization based on the respect of human rights

  3. Providing high quality products through continuous innovation

Quality Environment Policy

1. Basic Policy

OUDENSHA group complies with integrated management system for the greatest purpose of providing high-quality products which sustain customer's trust and satisfaction by electroforming business.

Also, we give our full attention to global social environmental challenge and compliance of laws and regulations for healthy business activities.

2. Quality, Environmental Policy

  1. Observance of laws and regulations
  2. Continuous improvement and contamination prevention
  3. Development of human resources
  4. Recycling promotion and reducing waste
  5. Dealing with risks
  6. Full participation
  7. Driving Quality and Environmental policy

CSR policy

  1. We contribute to society by producing innovative, high quality electroforming products.
  2. In our mission statement we acknowledge the importance of human rights and the need to protect the dignity of individuals. Our efforts in this area are for the benefit of both employees and the company.
  3. We pride ourselves on our dynamic and vibrant work environment and enable our employees to maintain the safety, the harmonic work-life balance as well as a healthy employee - employer relationship.
  4. For the sake of environment protection and preservation of biodiversity, as a company we are committed to the reduction in the load on the global environment and the maintenance of the global climate.
  5. We conduct our business activities in the whole supply chain in compliance with laws, regulations and corporate ethics.
    We are mindful to protect our intellectual property rights and those of other companies.
  6. As part of the local society, we make every effort to build a better and inclusive community.
    In case of an emergency, we do everything in our power to protect the well-being and lives of the people in the local area.